Atlas of Alberta Lakes

The Atlas of Alberta Lakes was published in a paper edition by University of Alberta Press, 1990.

In the process of converting this publication to an online resource we tried to maintain as much of the original atlas format as possible while adding extra features that allow you to search the atlas easily.

The contents of this online version has not been altered or modified from the original 1990 publication. It is reasonable to assume that much of the data e.g. water levels, camp grounds/boat launches, etc. is out of date. For updated or additional information on any of the lakes in this atlas please go to Environment Alberta's water web site.

This project is a cooperative effort between the University of Alberta's Department of Biological Sciences, Alberta Environment Environmental Partnerships & Education Branch, and The University of Alberta Press.

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  Athabasca River Basin   Beaver River Region
  North Saskatchewan Region   Peace River Region
  South Saskatchewan Region   Hay/Great Slave River Region
  Milk River Region