Compilation of material for the Atlas of Alberta Lakes was possible because of the support of many individuals and groups within Alberta. Funding was provided to the University of Alberta by five organizations: the Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation, Alberta Environment (Environmental Assessment, Research Management and Planning divisions), the Water Resources Commission, Alberta Forestry, Lands and Wildlife (Fish and Wildlife Division) and the University of Alberta (Boreal Institute for Northern Studies, Endowment Fund for the Future: University/Community Special Projects Fund and Special Initiatives Fund). Special support was provided through the long and often rocky road to completion by Brian Hammond, Bruce Maclock, Peter Melnychuk, and Fred Schulte (Alberta Environment); Alfred Birch and Bob Cronkhite (Water Resources Commission); Chuck Moser and Glen Semenchuk (Recreation, Parks and Wildlife Foundation); Norma Gutteridge (The University of Alberta Press); Bob Armit, Dick Peter and Don Williams (University of Alberta); and Tom Mill (Alberta Forestry, Lands and Wildlife).

Review of lake chapters was coordinated by the Atlas steering committee: Pat Mitchell (chair) and Kim Lalonde (Alberta Environment); Glen Semenchuk; Tom Mill; Alfred Birch; Ken Wilson (Alberta Recreation and Parks); and Ellie Prepas. All chapters were carefully reviewed by Lynne Kemper (Water Resources Commission); Rick Bramm, Geoff Foy, Bill I'Anson and Kim Lalonde (Alberta Environment); Ernie Stenton (Alberta Forestry, Lands and Wildlife); and Larry Nikiforuk (Alberta Research Council). Many others reviewed a variable number of chapters or gave us access to information; these contributors include: Jim Ames, Anne-Marie Anderson, Neil Assmus, Ken Caine, Doug Clark, Tony Epp, Rick Pickering, Al Sosiak, Orest Takarsky, David Trew and Annette Trim bee (Alberta Environment); Dave Barber (Alberta Municipal Affairs); Frank Bishop, Vance Buchwald, Lorne Fitch, Carl Hunt, Mel Kraft, Doug Lowe, Dave Walty, and Darryl Watters (Alberta Forestry, Lands and Wildlife); Stephen Luck, Wayne Nordstrom, Alan Thompson and Ken Wilson (Alberta Recreation and Parks); Bob Riddett (Battle River Regional Planning Commission); Randy Strocki (County of Parkland); Aphrodite Karamitsanis (Alberta Culture and Multiculturalism); Joe Rasmussen (McGill University); Kaz Patalas (Freshwater Institute) and David Boag, Hugh Clifford, Jeff Curtis, Michael Hickman, Bill Mackay, Brenda Miskimmin, Jan Murie, Joe Nelson, Dave Schindler, Dale Vitt and Mark Wilson (University of Alberta). Thanks to the many other reviewers, and in particular the extensive network in Water Resources Management Services of Alberta Environment coordinated by Kim Lalonde.

Photographs were provided by several individuals and government agencies; they are credited with the photographs. Photographs without credit lines were taken by co-editor Patricia Mitchell.

Drafting requirements were provided by Alberta Environment and coordinated by Ian Van Ens, Cas Lukay and Terry Zenith. Long hours were contributed to figure preparation by Gurnam Bhavra. He was assisted by Monica Gavigan, Bridgett Howard, Bruce Sanders, Peter Smith and Inge Wilson. Eva Fekete provided graphics photography. Assistance with reference materials was faithfully provided by the librarians at the Alberta Environment and Alberta Forestry, Lands and Wildlife libraries.

Technical support was coordinated by Laurie McIntyre; Mark Serediak and Leslie Hart Buckland-Nicks provided critical technical assistance; Debbie Webb and Kathy Gibson also assisted with data collection and preparation. Proofreaders for the Atlas were Brian Fardoe (Alberta Water Resources Commission), Bernie Jones (Boreal Institute for Northern Studies) and Laurie McIntyre. A substantial portion of the typing was carried out at the University of Alberta by Arlene Cowan, Sandra Fliegel, Elaine Johnston and others in the Zoology Department typing pool.

Most of the phytoplankton data in the Atlas were taken from unpublished data prepared by Stewart Anderson when he worked with Alberta Environment; those data enriched an all-too-often sparse information base on small organisms in Alberta Lakes. The zooplankton sections were enhanced by unpublished data provided by Kaz Patalas of the Freshwater Institute. Ernie Stenton provided much of the information on fisheries management in the introductory material.

Last but not least we are indebted to the staff at the University of Alberta Press who helped us keep our sights on the final product.