Alberta's many and varied lakes play a special role in the life of this province-they supply water to communities, help promote development and, perhaps most important of all, provide immense pleasure and enjoyment to all who visit them. This Atlas, then, will be welcomed throughout the province.

Here, collected in a single volume, is a wealth of interesting and useful information about 100 Alberta lakes, everything from water quality and biological characteristics to the best spots for landing a northern pike. Scientist and student alike will find the Atlas valuable and so will any family looking for a recreational site.

At a time when the environment is a major concern for all of us, it is helpful to know as much as possible about Alberta's lakes. The more we know about them, the more we will appreciate them and realize the need to care for them. The Atlas serves to remind us that our lakes are part of a priceless natural heritage. It is up to each of us to do our share in protecting that heritage.

On behalf of Alberta Environment, I congratulate and sincerely thank the individuals and agencies responsible for producing this splendid work. They can be deservedly proud of what they have accomplished.